Fergus Scott Architects is a Sydney based practice.


Our work is reflective of each client, and responds specifically to each site, and its own particular nature.


Our buildings are operable and engage with their surroundings-harnessing passive solar and thermal principles for efficiency and to further creative parameters.


Ensuring continuity and refinement from the schematic drawing to the as - built detail is central to our process, and it is informed by our appreciation of the value and nature of materials.


In addition to central and suburban Sydney, buildings have been completed throughout regional NSW.


Awards include the 2003 and 2012 AIA Wilkinson Award for outstanding residential architecture.


Our recent projects would not have been realised without the talents of Caryn McCarthy and Richard Smith.


"Fergus Scott's design went beyond being a house. Of course it functioned exquisitely and it was beautiful looking but it took you into an area - its going to sound bizarre - of dreams." Professor Tom Heneghan


"We have a universal responsibility toward the welfare of mankind. An Architect must learn to "nurture'' through their work otherwise it is empty. One is nurtured according to faith. the most fundamental being nature itself. Nature of humankind, nature of place. For a building to connect one with nature is a grace beyond comprehension: it is grace itself.


Fergus's home for Sandy on the tip of land overlooking the Southern Pacific takes us to places otherwise dormant in our soul: places that are natural, inspirational but above all of a serenity that allows nature to surface. Through this surfacing we find ourselves'' Peter Stutchbury FRAIA